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Your Guide to Furniture and Decor

Hello, My Name Is Christina Lee, And I Am Your Worthy Host

Worthy assists people in embracing their sovereignty and live the life they deserve.

There are a lot of “tastemakers” and “curators” out there in the furniture and interior design world. These are folks who like to write lists of Do’s and Don’ts regarding interior design, to tell you what’s In and what’s Out.

Here at Worthy, we like fashionable designer stuff too, but we also like weird stuff, kitschy stuff, fun stuff! Our emphasis is helping you create a home with furniture and decor you deserve. And we believe what you deserve is to LOVE where you LIVE, whatever that happens to look like for you. Worthy doesn’t just focus on what’s expensive and high end; we focus on special things that bring people joy, no matter what the price tag is.

A Marketplace, Academy, and Community

Much is Possible. Thank you for being here!

Worthy’s a place to buy & sell, learn, and commune with others of similar interest.

The focus of the Worthy is bringing people together who sell and buy furniture and providing them with a place to share their furniture adventures and questions outside of a platform like a personal blog, which can take a lot of time and energy for an individual to set up and build a community around.

Hard Chargers!


Worthy provides an accessible, attractive online marketplace for high-quality furniture and home goods.

Worthy is THE source for furniture & home goods you deserve.

Celebrated by its global buyers for its vast selection of high-quality furniture and home goods.

In addition to its impeccable full service offerings, Worthy offers full service to both buyers and sellers, including interior design consultations, mood board creation, photography assistance, listing services, appraisals, and shipping.

Worthy is a marketplace of treasures.

The user of Worthy Marketplace has a driving need to seek value; either in the monetary earned from selling furniture, or the functional and design value of furniture purchased by a buyer. Worthy Marketplace offers buyers and sellers what each other is seeking. Sellers in particular having the desire to sell their treasures to people who see the value in their treasures. Buyers specifically have the need to fulfill certain functions in their households in a style that brings them joy and makes them feel at home. They are seeking to solve a problem like, “What can I find to sit on that I will love looking at every day?” Buyers are seeking treasures for their homes.

Worthy is also different because we want to share the wealth, literally.

We offer Worthy Academy to teach you how to do what we do. We’re not hoarding secrets over here so that we can maximize the profits and minimize competition. We think that happy homes are filled with beautiful things, yes. But more importantly, happy homes are filled with happy people. We want to help you make your life feel as amazing as your apartment or estate looks. Or will look after you shop at Worthy!) Worthy Academy offers you all the education and opportunity you need to build a fulfilling and enriching life that Looks Like You.

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